Human fibroblast cells growing inside an hydrogel network: a new video from Cellendes.

Cellendes launches a new video! This time they show human fibroblast cells that grow inside an hydrogel network.

Cellendes, an industrial partner of BRIGHTER project keeps moving forward to create controlled cell environments suitable for 3D cell culture. They developed an Interpenetrating Network (IPN) hydrogel for sculpturing complex tissue architectures by light sheet lithography.

In this new video they show two gel systems used in one volume for differential gel formation. The first system retains cells distributed in three-dimensional space before a second hydrogel is formed by light illumination. In the video we can see human fibroblasts distributed evenly from bottom to top in the IPN hydrogel after one day of culture (the focus is made through the gel from the bottom to the top to show the 3D distribution of the cells).

Using this technology, the cultured cells remain perfectly distributed in 3D before the polymerization of the hydrogel is induced by light. Brighter is one step closer to produce engineered human skin models!