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Nov 22

Interview with Pontus Stenström: senior specialist at MYCRONIC

Pontus Stenström is a physician and senior specialist at MYCRONIC. He joined the company in 2000 and one of his main tasks has been to develop electronics to control the laser light for the pattern generators. Read the interview and enjoy!
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Oct 22

Discussing new paradigms of adult stem cells

Anna Altshuler and Ruby Shalom-Feuerstein researchers from BRIGHTER project at Technion, Israel, publish a review article in the renowned journal Trends in Cell Biology, where they discuss open questions related to the adult stem cells, as their niche, dynamics, and pathology. The responses to these questions may have a crucial impact of the potential use of stem cells in regenerative medicine
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Sep 22

Imaging of Cellular Microenvironment and Tissue Development

Francesco Pampaloni, coordinator of BRIGHTER Project at the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main (GUF), recently published an editorial letter at the “International Journal of Molecular Sciences” talking about multi-modal and molecular imaging of cellular microenvironment and tissue development.
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Jul 22

BRIGHTER workshop: Frontiers in Stem Cell Biology & Tissue Engineering

This week, the Faculty of Medicine of Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology welcomed the workshop “Frontiers in Stem Cell Biology & Tissue Engineering”, organized by the BRIGHTER project. Local and international renowned speakers covered the last advances in stem cells biology with emphasis on disease modelling and bioengineering.
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Jun 22

BRIGHTER Project at the “EMBL-IBEC Conference on Engineering Multicellular Systems”

Levin Hafa from GUF presented the advances of BRIGHTER Project at the second edition of the “EMBL-IBEC Conference on Engineering Multicellular Systems”, recently held in
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May 22

A MYCRONIC video talks about BRIGHTER and explains its role in the project

Gustaf Mårtensson from MYCRONIC, explains in a video their role in the project as experts in optics, lasers and data handling. “By incorporating MYCRONIC's lithographic semiconductor printing technology, we are able to manufacture cell-laden 3D constructs that resemble the complexity of human tissues”.
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Abr 22

BRIGHTER at the Future 3D Additive Manufacturing, the 3DMM2O Conference 2022

Brighter Project was present at the second Future 3D Additive Manufacturing, the 3DMM2O Conference in a poster and a flash talk by Angela Cirulli, PhD student at IBEC in Barcelona
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Mar 22

A simple DLP-bioprinting strategy to produce cell-laden crypt-villous structures for an advanced 3D gut model

A new scientific paper led by Núria Torras and Elena Martínez, coordinator of the BRIGHTER project, shows a simple 3D bioprinting approach for the direct fabrication of advanced cell-laden tissue constructs by means of visible-light photopolymerization. The new approach allows the fabrication of cell-laden structures resembling the intestinal mucosa in a single printing step.
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Mar 22

Interview with Brigitte Angres and Helmut Wurst: BRIGHTER’s project leaders at Cellendes

Brigitte Angres and Helmut Wurst are co-founders of the company Cellendes, a privately-owned biotechnology company founded in 2009 as a spinoff of the NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute at the University of Tübingen (NMI). Cellendes fuses its expertise in chemical, biochemical and molecular biology assays to develop biomimetic hydrogel systems for three-dimensional cell culture. Its hydrogel technology comprises synthetic or non-animal derived defined components that enables the personalized and adaptable design of extracellular environments for 3-D cell culture. Check this interview and get to know more about Helmut and Brigitte and their participation in BRIGHTER project. Enjoy it!
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Feb 22

One more year BRIGHTER is present at the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

The 11 of February was declared in 2015 as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science by the United Nations, and once again BRIGHTER researchers reinforced its commitment to this date participating with two talks and a hand-on activity oriented to young students.
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