Louise Breideband presents BRIGHTER at the first Future 3D Additive Manufacturing, the 3DMM2O Conference 2021

During the first Future 3D Additive Manufacturing – the 3DMM2O Conference, held online last 1st to 4th of March, Louise Breideband, PhD student at the Buchmann Institute for Molecular Life Sciences at GUF (Goethe University Frankfurt), presented the BRIGHTER project on a flash talk and a poster, both signed by all partners of the project.

Louise explained the main objectives of BRIGHTER in the talk, entitled “Light sheet photopolymerization”, that are to increase 3D bioprinting resolution and speed for biomedical applications, and also mentioned the future steps towards the development of this new technology.

Additionally, she presented a poster showing more details related with this new technology and summarizing the last achievements of the project.


3DMM2O (“3D Matter Made to Order”) is a Cluster of Excellence, a joint Research Cluster of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Heidelberg University (Uni HD), that organizes an annual conference on topics surrounding 3D Additive Manufacturing. The aim of the conference is to provide the latest research developments and future trends in 3D nano- and micro-manufacturing technologies and its applications in industry and research, to break barriers of scale, precision and speed.

More information: Future 3D Additive Manufacturing – the 3DMM2O Conference