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Dic 20

Brighter project: new light to fabricate biological tissues

Engineered tissues are key elements for both in vitro and in vivo applications and strongly impact the academy, pharma, and clinical sectors. In the future, laboratory-produced tissues might lead to replace damaged tissues and organs. 3D printing technology is the most used technique to fabricate such tissues, however some challenges must still be solved. The European Project Brighter aims to increase the spatial resolution of the engineered tissues and to speed up the tissue printing process.
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Dic 20

Cellendes launches a video showing the photopolymerization process of hydrogels

Cellendes just launched a video showing the photopolymerization process of hydrogels. It may look simple, but to arrive here thorough research, technology and science, supported by the Horizon 2020 project BRIGHTER was needed!
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Jul 19

Barcelona hosts the kick-off meeting of the EU project BRIGHTER

The partners have taken the opportunity to explain not only the role and responsibilities of everyone but also the main production and research lines of the project.
The Kick-Off meeting of the EU project BRIGHTER (Bioprinting by light sheet lithography: engineering complex tissues with high resolution at high speed), an initiative led by Dr Elena Martinez from the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia in Barcelona (IBEC), took place this week in Barcelona.
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May 19

Producing tissue and organs through lithography

FRANKFURT. The production of artificial organs is a hot research topic. In the near future, artificial organs will compensate for the lack of organ donations and replace animal experiments. Although there are already promising experiments with 3D printers that use a "bio-ink" containing living cells, a functional organ has never been created in this way. A European consortium coordinated by Dr Elena Martinez (IBEC, Barcelona, Spain) and involving the Goethe University Frankfurt is now breaking new ground. The consortium is developing a lithography method that relies on light sheet illumination and on special photosensitive hydrogels that are mixed with living cells.
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Abr 19

New EU project at BMLS

The new project “Bioprinting by light sheet lithography: engineering complex tissues with high resolution at high speed” (BRIGHTER) will be funded by the prestigious and highly selective Future and Emerging Technologies EU programme (FET Open, part of Horizon 2020). The EU will support this three year project with a grant of 3,450,000 €  of which 700,000 € will go to the Physical Biology Group of the Faculty of Biological Sciences at Goethe University. The consortium of BRIGHTER includes Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany), IBEC (Barcelona, Spain, consortium coordinators), Technion (Haifa, Israel) as well as the companies Cellendes (Reutlingen, Germany) and Mycronic (Täby, Sweden).
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