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Feb 22

Reducing animal testing with 3D Bioprinting: European project BRIGHTER brings new light

A new press release about BRIGHTER Project with the aim to increase the reach and dissemination of the project's progress and goals.
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Ene 22

Interview with Louise Breideband: Brighter’s PhD student at GUF

Louise Breideband is a PhD student in the frame of Brighter Project at the Physical Biology lab in the Buchmann Institute for Molecular Life Sciences, Goethe University Frankfurt.  After a master’s degree in food production and a couple of years doing scientific communication, she is now performing a PhD and contributing to the development of a 3D bioprinter using light sheet photopolymerization. Get to know more about Louise in this interview!
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Dic 21

Development of an open-source 3D stereolithographic bioprinter device

A recent work conducted by Brighter project researchers at Goethe University Frankfurt, Louise Breideband, Levin Hafa Francesco Pampaloni and colleagues, describes the development of an open-source bioprinter device based on a consumer-grade 3D light stereolithographic (SL) printer. This new SL bioprinter can produce complex constructs that preserve cell viability and recapitulate the physiology of tissues.
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Nov 21

BRIGHTER very present at Termis 2021

Brighter researchers Louise Breideband, Nuria Torras and Angela Cirulli presented this week at World Termis Congress 2021 the latest advances of the project. Termis  is one of the most important scientific conferences in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Great participation!
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Nov 21

Angela Cirulli shows BRIGHTER advances at the 14th IBEC Symposium

Last 27th and 28th of October took place the 14th IBEC Symposium, completely online due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. This year, the event focused on Regenerative Therapies and counted with the participation of more than 300 registered attendees, including renowned speakers from Europe and the USA. Angela Cirulli, BRTIGHTER researcher at the “Biomimetic Systems for Cell Engineering” at IBEC, in Barcelona, also participated showing the latest results of the project.
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Oct 21

Interview with Núria Torras: postdoctoral researcher at IBEC

Núria Torras is a post-doctoral researcher in the frame of Brighter Project at IBEC, at the Biomimetic Systems for Cell Engineering Laboratory led by Elena Martínez. She is an engineer with a lot of experience on micro and nanoworlds, and on polymer sciences. Now she decided to add the prefix “bio” to her profession, and she is applying all her knowhow to develop new tools for the fabrication of biomimetic 3D in vitro models using 3D bioprinting techniques. Don’t miss the interview where she explains more details about her professional experience and the video where we can see a bit of her workdays at IBEC. Enjoy it!
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Sep 21

Interview with Anna Altshuler: postdoctoral researcher at Technion

Anna Altshuler is a Postdoctoral researcher working in the frame of BRIGTHER Project at Technion, Israel.  She has a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology engineering and has a strong background in the study of stem cells using different approaches and techniques. Her previous research experience adds, undoubtedly, high value to the project! Discover in the interview below some aspects of her personal and professional profile, as well as her role in BRIGHTER project. Enjoy it!
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Jul 21

Interview with Gustaf Mårtensson: Brighter’s project leader at Mycronic

Gustaf Mårtensson has a background in fluid mechanics and works at Mycronic, a Swedish high-tech company that has been active in the electronics industry for more than 30 years. He works connecting technological solutions from Mycronic with new applications, and he is also adjunct researcher at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden, within clinical diagnostics. In summary, one of his main tasks is to connect people among them. You can check in this video what his daily life at work looks like! You can also read the interview to get to know more about Gustaf and his participation in BRIGHTER project. Enjoy it!
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Jun 21

Interview with Gabriele Di Napoli: Chemical Technical Assistant at Cellendes

Gabriele Di Napoli is a Chemical Technical Assistant in the frame of Brighter Project working at Cellendes. He has a degree as a Chemical Engineer and for the last years he has been applying his knowledge in biomedicine, in the study of tumours or Parkinson’s disease. Now he joined Brighter Project to the develop and prepare photo-crosslinkable hydrogels and study their compatibility with cell culture. You can check here a short video where he briefly shows one of the experiments he usually performs in the lab., and an interview where he explains in more detail some aspects of his professional profile and his role in Brighter project. Enjoy it!
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May 21

Discovered two limbal stem cell populations that control corneal homeostasis and wound healing processes

Ruby Shalom-Feuerstein, Anna Altshuler and Aya Amitai-Lange, the workforce of Brighter project at Technion, Israel, led a work that has just been published in the prestigious journal Cell Stem Cell. They describe for the first time the existence of two limbal stem cell populations that have different characteristics and functions in the maintenance of the cornea. This pioneering study opens the doors to the development of accurate treatments for corneal disorders.
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